Sunday, December 11, 2011

Small Revlon Haul

So I decided to check out CVS because I've been reading about the 50%-70% sale going on. It seemed like nothing was on clearance but I did find a few with that bright orange sticker (all Revlon cosmetics!) so I thought I'd share them with you. I also saw 2 new Rimmel displays. One for the lipsticks that Kate Moss chose colors for. I only saw I think 5 or 6 shades. They come in a sleek black case. I might have to pick one up and try it out. The second was for their new eyeshadows. I was tempted to pick one up but the way they were packaged turned me off. It seemed like it would be difficult to get a certain color on the brush because it was a small space and not all the colors were the same size.

Anyways on to the three make-up items I picked up.

This foundation might be a little too light for me. I'm not sure yet as I haven't tried it on my face. It seemed very liquid-y. I had to shake it quite a bit but then that causes the top to get dirty. But it does have SPF 20 which is always a good thing. The shade I got was Cool Beige.

Not even too sure what this is? I'm gonna use it as a highlighter though because I THINK that's what it is for. It's a pretty light pink pearly color. Note every time I click it on it squirts out and can get a little messy. This has SPF 18.

I made a post yesterday about how much I love the Colorburst lipsticks so when I saw this color on sale I picked it up. The Pink Sugar and Icy Nude was on sale also but I didn't really love the colors. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't go with me so I declined them.

Savings! (I also picked up a free pack of gum)

Bonus: I reached over $50 for the Beauty Club and have $5 ExtraBucks!

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