Thursday, December 1, 2011

Palette Love!

So I have decided to do blogmas but instead of the 25 days of I'm gonna go something like "the 25 days of blogmas and then some." I'm going all the way until the new year :)!

For the first day I want to share an eyeshadow palette that I am in love with. I've been using this for my eye look for the past few weeks and it's awesome for a neutral look. I've been pairing it with Radium liquid liner (blue) from Urban Decay and I'm really loving the look.

The palette is "Baking a Cake" from Wet n Wild. This palette is only sold at Walgreens. It sells for $4.99. I really love using the second shade in the first column wet as a lid color. I use the darker pink color in the crease (really lightly and dry) and blend that out. Then I use the dark brown in the outer corner. For a highlight I use the light color. I haven't tried the other colors wet but the one I use for my lid is BEAUTIFUL.

If you see this palette at Walgreens I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.

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