Monday, January 16, 2012

Project 10 Pan!

So before summer I had decided to try a project 10 pan but I don't really wear makeup in the summer so that did not work out for me. But I am back to give it a second try. Hopefully it works out for me and I can save some good money lol. Here are the 10 items I included in this project.
Bonne Bell Blend-n-Glow: As you can see I only have the very edge to go. I really like this highlighter. I apply it with the ELF concealer brush (the $1 one) and blend it out with my fingers.

Maybelline Smooth Mousse Foundation in Natural Beige: I absolutely love this foundation! I've heard people say it might not work for oily skin but that is not true. Just set it with a powder and you are good to go. It really leave a natural finish and has great coverage and evens out my skin amazingly. My favorite foundation I've ever tried to be completely honest.

NYC Bronzer in Sunny: Nice matte bronzer: It's only a tad bit darker than my skin color so I can easily use it for a nice all over glow. Not so easy to contour with but I can pack it on to make it work. Sadly mine broke into a few pieces but it's still useable!

Revlon Creme Shadow Quad in Precious Metals: I really like the last three colors for bases. The silver did not work for me so I don't even bother with it. These shadows are starting to dry out on me so I want to use as much as I can without feeling like I've "wasted" product.

Claudia Stevens Primer: This is a clear primer. Works nicely. Of course how much is left in the tube is not visible but I can feel it running low.

BareMinerals concealer in Bisque: This is a sample size that comes in the starter kit. It gives really nice coverage on blemishes and feels nice on the skin.

NYX Concealer Stick in Green: I really like this for the redness around my nose. It really brightens up the area.

Covergirl Lip Slick in Demure: This has taken me a while to finish up and I use it every day to prime my lips for my lipstick. It's a good amount of product. If you're looking for something with a lot of color payoff you won't find it in this. Not the most moisturizing but it gets the job done.

Maybelline Shine Sensational in Berry Dazzle: This is a nice natural shine high color. It's not a heavy or very sticky gloss. This particular shade is more shine than color.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Sunset: I absolutely love this color. It's so natural and the formula for the lipstick is really nice. This is the product I will miss the most when it's gone because this shade is discontinued :(.

I will definitely be updating on my progress, probably, once a month until I'm done.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Nails: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips in Squeezed

So the other day I at Walgreens and I picked these up. I also got Electric Shock. Both were on sale for $2.59. On the box these claim to last for 10 days. Hmmm I wonder if that statement is true. Let's find out!

2 packs of nail polish strips, 2 tools, and a booklet of instructions.

Each package comes with 8 different sized strips.

The above two photos were taken a day after I put on the strips. A DAY. So I decided to cut my nails. Since the peeling was happening at the tips I thought maybe it was because my nails were too long.
Yeah that did not help. Nail polish that lasts up to 10 days? Only wishful thinking.

Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY: Holiday Gift

Here's a cute and fun do-it-yourself holiday gift; a specialty made piggy bank! The piggy bank was originally white and I found it at Michael's. I'm sure they sell already pink ones but I painted mine. I put 2 coats. It's best to let the first coats dry. It can get very streaky otherwise. The ears look unfinished but I added a special touch to them. Keep reading to find out what ;).
For decorations I have some pink glitter letters, pink and white glitter circles, and some hearts. All of these are stick-ons! The person I'm making this for LOVES pink, glitter, and hearts so these are perfect for her. You can find different colors, shapes, and finishes at a craft store like Michael's.
Here's what I did with the ears. My friend also loves leopard print. I'm using a sheet of leopard print duct tape. I measure out the shape and marked it with a pen (if any marks show up you can just wipe it away easily) and cut it out. Then just peel away the piece and stick it on the best you can. Mine's not perfect but that's okay.
If any white-ish areas like above are still showing just paint over them.
With the letters I spelled out her name. The letters didn't stick on fully because of the shape of the bank. But they didn't fall off either and it's still legible.
Stuck on the hearts and circles all over and we're almost done.
Heart eyes! I also added some of the circles (alternating colors and shapes) on the legs. It was a fun little project and I can't wait to give this to her!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Glitter Nails

ELF Golden Goddess, Kiss Pearl Blue, Sally Girl Glitter Midnight Blue

I got this glitter about a year ago and I never knew what to do with it then I got the idea to use it on my nails. But there was a problem. I was taking a printmaking class this semester and the ink easily messes up my nails. So I felt it wasn't worth it to do it then but now that the semester is over I tried it out. Here's what I came up with.

Started out by taping half my nails diagonally with some Scotch tape after my base coat was dried.

Here's what my nails looked like after I painted them. The lines weren't perfect but that's okay because it was going to get covered with quite a bit of glitter.

The ring finger with the gold glitter polish didn't work out how I wanted it to! Oh well. You live and learn I suppose.

Loose glitter is pretty messy but here's how it looked after I applied my top coat. I had to wait for that to dry completely so I could wash the remaining glitter off with water and a washcloth.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Small Revlon Haul

So I decided to check out CVS because I've been reading about the 50%-70% sale going on. It seemed like nothing was on clearance but I did find a few with that bright orange sticker (all Revlon cosmetics!) so I thought I'd share them with you. I also saw 2 new Rimmel displays. One for the lipsticks that Kate Moss chose colors for. I only saw I think 5 or 6 shades. They come in a sleek black case. I might have to pick one up and try it out. The second was for their new eyeshadows. I was tempted to pick one up but the way they were packaged turned me off. It seemed like it would be difficult to get a certain color on the brush because it was a small space and not all the colors were the same size.

Anyways on to the three make-up items I picked up.

This foundation might be a little too light for me. I'm not sure yet as I haven't tried it on my face. It seemed very liquid-y. I had to shake it quite a bit but then that causes the top to get dirty. But it does have SPF 20 which is always a good thing. The shade I got was Cool Beige.

Not even too sure what this is? I'm gonna use it as a highlighter though because I THINK that's what it is for. It's a pretty light pink pearly color. Note every time I click it on it squirts out and can get a little messy. This has SPF 18.

I made a post yesterday about how much I love the Colorburst lipsticks so when I saw this color on sale I picked it up. The Pink Sugar and Icy Nude was on sale also but I didn't really love the colors. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't go with me so I declined them.

Savings! (I also picked up a free pack of gum)

Bonus: I reached over $50 for the Beauty Club and have $5 ExtraBucks!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Collection: Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks

I absolutely love this line of lipsticks. They are nicely pigmented and apply so smoothly. I was at Walgreens yesterday and saw that Fuchsia and Raspberry were on the "last chance sale" and I thought that meant that maybe those colors are getting discontinued or something. I always wanted these two colors so I thought it's better to buy them at a sale price then have to hunt them down later. These are definitely lipsticks I would recommend.

(no flash and on a dark rainy day)

with flash