Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY: Holiday Gift

Here's a cute and fun do-it-yourself holiday gift; a specialty made piggy bank! The piggy bank was originally white and I found it at Michael's. I'm sure they sell already pink ones but I painted mine. I put 2 coats. It's best to let the first coats dry. It can get very streaky otherwise. The ears look unfinished but I added a special touch to them. Keep reading to find out what ;).
For decorations I have some pink glitter letters, pink and white glitter circles, and some hearts. All of these are stick-ons! The person I'm making this for LOVES pink, glitter, and hearts so these are perfect for her. You can find different colors, shapes, and finishes at a craft store like Michael's.
Here's what I did with the ears. My friend also loves leopard print. I'm using a sheet of leopard print duct tape. I measure out the shape and marked it with a pen (if any marks show up you can just wipe it away easily) and cut it out. Then just peel away the piece and stick it on the best you can. Mine's not perfect but that's okay.
If any white-ish areas like above are still showing just paint over them.
With the letters I spelled out her name. The letters didn't stick on fully because of the shape of the bank. But they didn't fall off either and it's still legible.
Stuck on the hearts and circles all over and we're almost done.
Heart eyes! I also added some of the circles (alternating colors and shapes) on the legs. It was a fun little project and I can't wait to give this to her!

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